How many of us take time out to soak in the raw, inexplicable beauty of the world around us? With the mad pace that life demands, it’s never been easier to overlook the little things.

The little big things, in fact.

Things that our mothers have given us and laid the foundations of, which in the turbulence of this 21st century life, we tend to simply take for granted. Touch, Nourishment, Care, Affection, Protection, to name a few. These are some of the building blocks that make us who we are, and they came to most of us through primal experiences with our mothers. I hope to inspire you to spare a thought for the mother in all forms, rather than reduce her to a social construct that the world now celebrates as Mother’s Day.

A cat ignores her own pangs of hunger and scrounges around all day for a meagre meal that she can take back for her hungry kittens. A cow yearns for her new born baby’s touch when she is tied to a pole within her sight but out of her reach; so close, yet so far. A pig snuggles up with her little ones, keeping them safe and warm for as long as she can, for she knows her time with them is limited. Thousands of sentient mothers across the animal kingdom are abused, raped, objectified and violated every waking moment and sold as mere commodities - simply because they were born female and became mothers. So this Mother’s Day, I dedicate this series to all these mothers who go uncelebrated everyday. This will take you through some very touching experiences that I’ve gone out of my way to observe and capture over the last two weeks.

Our beautiful four-legged companions also have stories to tell. Their eyes have the power to gaze deep into you and talk silently — and when this happens, the lens through which you view the world changes in an instant.