How an intimate Digital Marketing workshop helped me!!

I hope I got your attention now :)

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to be a part of an all- day Digital Marketing meet-up organized by IvyCamp, conducted by Karthik from

I really enjoy attending meet-ups, networking with like-minded people, and building relationships with people who are in the same space.

It’s hard to believe the stories and struggles that Karthik and his team have come through for the company to have a numero uno presence in the digital space.

Being a part of the workshop and having one-to-one interactions, listening to stories of failure, success, and persistence helped me get a better perspective on how I can equip myself with better skill sets. The fewer the people were, the better was the attention given to every question.

The space was amazing, amazing people, and yes the PIZZAS!!

Axilor Transit
Karthik conducting the workshop

What I learnt :

  1. Understand your company and your audience. CLARITY is key
  2. Digital Marketing is a dynamic field, you have to keep learning
  3. Be clear about the value you are providing to customers. If you can’t provide value, what will you market ?
  4. Digital marketing is 70% smart work + 30% hard work
  5. Only if you practice, will you know how the tools and resources work!

Resources shared by Karthik:


3. Many more to come! I will be making a separate blog post sharing the resources I’ve gathered during the workshop!

Thanks for reading! Keep learning..

  • Sam!