Blanch Nero & The Man at the End of the Hall

He is quiet, dresses in editorial black and muted greys; good taste in shoes. His stylized cap shades his inquisitive, perspicacious eyes. Stealthily, he comes and goes, leaving early–in a fast car–returning late, with a pensive, beautiful woman always at his side holding his hand.

Rumor has it “he is a baron and heir, the namesake of a New York Potato Chip Company… a Midtown metro-sexual… urban intellectual who fancies 5th and Peachtree, the Manhattan of the South.” I know better.

His name is Kenneth Brigham, MD. Accomplished professional and fabulous writer, the proud son of a Nashville bus driver. All of those things and more. My content and solitary friend who lives at the end of the hall is the author of The Life and Deaths of Blanche Nero. Margret Mitchell would be enchanted, and so will you.

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