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I love talking about segments. Anything that reminds me of cake.

As a highly sensitive Sagittarius, I can tell you that every time I send an email, a text message, Instagram dm, calendar invite, or Tinder swipe, I always feel nervous about what kind of response I’m going to get.

This fear of rejection is something that flies through even the automated emails I set up on a daily basis at work at my tech job, the main source of my income.

When setting up an email follow-up to an event, I’m always thinking, “What percentage of this segment is going to open this up?” …

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Will Carey and Sam Z are two comedians who have decided to perform storytelling shows. Although crossing genres is frowned upon in some circles, they both have agreed to throw caution to the wind and let their careers take their course. Remember when Dylan went electric? This is kind of like that, but easier to understand.

But before taking the big step, they wanted to have a conversation about this, make sure that each of them was in it for the right reasons. This is that conversation.

Sam: Hey, Will.

Will: Hey, Sam.

Sam: Is this weird?

Will: Kinda. But I like weird. …

And what can they do about it?

Award show season is upon us again. Did you see Dr. Brian May celebrating at the Golden Globes with Rami Malek? A testament to the real reason we give awards, which is not to single out any one performer over another, but to bring people together.

Perhaps more than any other award show, the Grammys have suffered skepticism from media, public intellectuals, and musicians for their alleged sexism, racism, and general unfairness. Cosmopolitan has called them “bull.” Future has produced an anti-Grammy diss track.

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By the time of the first Grammys ceremony in 1959, the Emmys and Oscars were already red ink in the entertainment industry calendar, annual rituals to celebrate the growth and changes in two budding industries. And while the Oscars and Emmys seemed to reflect the changing times in their respective industries, it could take a recording artist years to receive recognition from the Grammys for their work, some not at all. The list of game-changing recording artists who never received a Grammy gives one pause. …


Sam Zelitch

Community Manager at @fullstackacademy.

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