Let the Mashies Teach You How to Use Periscope and Snapchat

ICYMI, the world’s preeminent digital-only marketing award ceremony happened last night in New York City. As opposed to some award shows, the Mashies is quick-and-dirty, and whether they like it or not, it’s run by and for almost exclusively by millennials. At least it used to be.

“We are no longer creating digital campaigns for digital’s sake,” said CMO Stacy Martinet in her opening remarks. “We are truly in a new era. Publishers, platforms, brands are working in unison together to produce the best stories ever, even if they disappear in 24 hours.” And just solidify her point about the growing audience for digital marketing, Martinet added: “Notice I haven’t even said the word ‘Millennials’ or ‘Gen Z’ yet.”

I was able to watch the opening remarks, by the way, on @Periscope, where the@Mashable broadcast garnered 730 hearts, 1,096 live viewers, and some really fantastic comments. And on Snapchat, for the next few hours, you can still see the some of the pre-show shots.

One Periscope user pointed out, “Ur not watching football?” Actually, it’s likely that many of the live viewers last night were double-fisting their programming. That’s the way we do it nowadays.

Putting the stream on Periscope also allowed host Amanda Seales to speak without censorship. In her opening speech, she took that opportunity to drop both an F-bomb and an NSFW pun on the word “Mashable.” And as Seales put it, “Marketing is important … because it pushes things forward and gives legitimacy to things. This thing right here? You need to give a [NSFW] about this right here!”

If you don’t give a [NSFW] about Snapchat or Periscope, you better change your mind right now.

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