23 lessons I learnt over 23 years

  1. Music will always be important, Coldplay’s X&Y album can and will save you on those low days
  2. Listen to your parents, even when you think they’re wrong, just listen out for their intention, their words always come from a place of love
  3. Travel is good for the soul, home is good for the heart
  4. Read everything and read plenty
  5. If you don’t enjoy a book, don’t finish it, throw it across the room and find something else
  6. Make time for the important people in your life
  7. Make time for yourself
  8. No one cares if you miss the party
  9. The world is a big place, do not let one person define your days
  10. Heartbreak is inevitable, but so is healing
  11. If you don’t like where you are, get up and go someplace else, even if it’s around the corner, just move
  12. Appreciate globalisation and social media and keep in touch with people, write that text message
  13. Sometimes though, pick up a pen, write that letter and then walk to the post office
  14. Find balance between the ways of the past and the novelties of the future
  15. Do your thumb a favour and stop mindlessly scrolling
  16. Wear your glasses, it’ll save you many headaches and incessant tabs of nurofen
  17. Be tribal about the people that matter
  18. Silence is necessary
  19. Whether you wake up at 6am, or go to bed at 3am, just get the work done
  20. People can change, just realise that not all people do
  21. There will be shit days, that much is certain, but so is the fact that the sun will set on that day and rise on another and all you need to do in that time is breathe
  22. Establish prayer, it’ll save you on days nothing else can
  23. Grades aren’t everything, but, understand, there is a correlation between effort and results, undeniably so, therefore, you must do the work and get the marks and make something of your life, because your life is the only thing that is truly yours, and will forever remain to be.
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