I was without sin..A Casualty of War

Mercy finds herself trapped in an abyss, a bottomless hole between two realities, two moments. The eternal moment when that spark buried deep in our hearts, ignites.! We feel it, I feel it and it hurts. I feel it igniting the rage, the anger, the despair, the fuel of my vengeance. Burning through the barrels of my lungs. It incinerates everything in its path, leaving behind a dry and burned throat on its way to my mind for the second and final moment. When the horses of rage make their final raid on sanity. When my brain makes a binary decision of life or death, justice or forgiveness.

Mercy is locked away between anguish and despair. But I needn’t to release her from her chains. I needn’t to unleash her and concede to my thirst. Justice has rules, and I obeyed my king faithfully. I am owed my vengeance for I was without sin. I left them to scavenge for something to wet their mouths. I went searching under the light of night and the thunders of engines. Planes from nowhere and everywhere played a symphony of sounds and lights composed for a special gala, the apocalypse. I lost them in a glare of a memory, for no sin, for no sacrifice or cause. I recounted every single crossroad in the entire journey of my existence, and I have caused no harm. Karma never passed through here, it was not her design. I tried to justify their demise and my fate of torment. There was no vindication, nor divine wisdom. There is no reason or explanation except someone far away decided that my wife and child are an acceptable sacrifice for a greater good only he assumes. Someone decided to unleash Pandora from the skies. For what? Not to kill his enemies, that’s for sure. But in the desperate hopes of spreading fear through their hearts.

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