Words in the hands of the fools

That kid who is accused of the Quebec City Mosque, I read somewhere that he called the police hours after he escaped. He was crying and expressing regrets, revealing his flawed soul. Regret never vindicate actions nor mend consequences. Justice is owed its pound of flesh.

when someone takes a podium, whether it be a politician, celebrity, or even a lecturer, the audience build a trust relationship. The audience, any audience, is a collective of differences, different thought processes, different values and convictions, and different flaws. The audience, any audience, is naïve enough to assume the speaker is aware of the nature of the relationship he/she just built. They trust the speaker, and entrust him/her with their weaknesses and flaws.

But is the speaker truly aware? That many of the individuals standing before them did not come to merely listen, but to trust and believe. Some do not consider the stand a place to express opinions but an antenna broadcasting truth and facts. So, when a politician, priest or imam, demonizes a group as dangerous savages, or hold a group prayer of wrath and smite against others, many like Alexander Bissonnette the Quebec City attacker, or Omar Mateen the Florida gay club attacker, so desperate for a cause, so desperate for a purpose, so weak in the face of their flaws, their rage and impulses; they will decide to take action, to be the hand of god or society, the purifying hand that cleanses and protects. Their convictions entrenched and rooted by the words they hear from the ones they trust as a well of knowledge and beacon of what is right.

There is no power in the world greater than the power of the word. If great powers truly entail great responsibilities then the power of the word is the greatest of them all, and it does not merely entail but demands vigorous application of responsibilities. The first and utmost responsibility of those who have access to the minds and hearts of many, is that they have to understand the impact of their words and how it resonates in the hearts of others. Therefore; if their words cannot be perceived as they intended, and they cannot consider the consequences of their words when a true believer decides to translate the words into actions, then they should descend from the podium and exercise their freedom of speech away from the vulnerable masses.

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