How My Life Improved after 7 Days of No Facebook

There is so much hate in this world already. My news feed was filled negativity and anger about our new President. These targeted articles are often posted by educated, smart, and opinionated millennials. The constant negativity and criticism really got to me.

News companies write news with a purpose. The purpose is to get its readers emotionally involved. This past election was already highly emotionally-charged and that gave the reporters a platform to perpetuate more negativity and biased scrutiny. What happens is you see, its readers go further into this rabbit hole and in the process, readers lose its sense of objectivity and truth.

Facebook’s algorithm is not helping you. Its goal is to make you stay on the platform and consume its content. This cripples you with another challenge in disassociating your emotions from objectively finding out the truth. And the truth is that when an article is written in a highly polarized sentiment, you lose objectivity.

Now is more important than ever to start working together. This world doesn’t need another highly critical and polarized opinion about the new President. Certainly, I do not want to see or hear it.

What I would like to see more is how we can work together. Perhaps, spend more time to understand what we do not know. And maybe feel a little bit more compassion towards that Trump supporter across the street from you. In the end, we are all citizens on this Pale Blue Earth.

Look out to the horizons, you see blue skies with vast mountains in the skyline. As you wonder about the vastness that is also starring back at you. our Pale Blue Dot is starring out into the universe. Perhaps it too is asking for a bit more forgiveness, understanding, and compassion.