Robots will have to save us — Part 1

Why are you so against the inevitable future?

Our global fertility has been steadily dropping year over year. The heaviest decline happens in developed countries. Just to what extent is this impact going to affect our future? Well, people are living and working longer to compensate for the lack of young bodies for replacement. Take a look at Japan, worst offender of all.

Let’s take a look at their estimated fertility rate: 1.4. This means every 1 woman gives an estimated 1.4 birth. In order to keep a healthy replacement population, the fertility rate should be equal to 2.1.

Okay, I am not a statistician so I’m not going into numbers at great length. But let’s explore this problem and solution.

The problem: not enough fresh bodies to replace jobs that are left open once the older population retires.

The solution: 1) government can create subsidies for married heterosexual families to procreate, 1b) create subsidies for families to adopt. 2) Open up our borders and let immigrants replace our declining workforce. Or 3) I believe this is the easiest way: build robots.

  1. Government subsidies

To what extent is the government willing to help? And to what extent is the government effective in raising the fertility rate? Well countries to dig into are Japan, Singapore, and Denmark.

2. Boarderless

Are we ready for this? Best example to look at: the EU. I’m not an expert in international policies, but how do we open up our borders to the developing worlds? What are the issues that will come up immediately: cultural, educational, social, and economical?

3) Robots

We get to build and program them from the ground up. This gives us 100% control of what they do. With the rise of automation gives the rise of the robots.

More to come later.

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