The Day I Left Budapest

There is nothing romantic about this place. I left it in a hurry because it was soulless( I am sorry Bison Man, but your city did not do it for me).

I spent a total of 5 days- longer than the 3 days that I had intended. Luck had it; I got sick my 2nd day and took another 3 days to recuperate( thank you Kim and Dom for this lovely suggestion of getting some rest).

I spent my 1st day walking down the busy main street — Andrássy út. In that discovery, I found luxury shops to be a prominent theme. I was told that Budapest was the last standing Eastern European country that has yet been penetrated by the dominance of western influences. I walked with disappointment.

At the end of Andrássy út, there was this legendary bathhouse called Széchenyi Thermal Bath. Holy crap. Legendary was an understatement. It was amazing and the outdoor bath made it even more spectacular. There is 12 different bath units and you could never get bored. If you happened to be in Budapest, this IS the only place you must go!

The smoke mystified the bath

The other attractions that stood out were the ruin bars. If you ever want to party in a cool, artsy, funky, and unique place, give these bars a try. There’s a few of them, but I can recommend a couple: Szimpla Kert and Instant. I raged with the locals like a machine, fist pumping until 7 in the morning. Of course, staying at a hostel on top of the Instant bar did not help my tired and sleep-deprived body to fight the sickness that loomed over the extreme amount of shots I took.

If you are curious about the equation to a good time, here it is:

Foreign country + cheap alcohol + friendly locals + crazy bars= dancing all night. :)

In my reminiscence, maybe Budapest was not so bad after all. I am certainly glad that I went.

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