Give it some time, because it will happen.

I am in Budapest right now. It’s always the funniest thing that happens to me. I was ticketed by the revenue officer today because I did not have a tram ticket.

What are the odds, I thought.

I have a few hours to kill until my overnight train to Munich, then a train to a town in France to spend Christmas with my old roommate and his family. One of things that I decided to do was to take a random tram and ride it to its terminal- getting lost deliberately. I walked around to explore my neighborhood and my feet got tired, so I thought it was perfect timing to find a tram station.

I found a station about 50 meters down the road. There was a ticket machine on the opposite side of my station, so I walked over to try and purchase a ticket. But the ticket machine was broken. I spent the next 5 minutes waiting and hoping that it would reboot itself. But it never did. I got impatient and boarded the next tram that stopped at my station. I thought that there was no way that I could be ticketed. It has to be at least 1 out of 10,000 odds.

In Berlin, I had the same vision that I was going to get ticketed because there were a few times that I just felt lazy.

The same vision in Berlin manifested itself as I boarded the train, but I ignored it and sat down. But the vision kept coming up to surface and I kept pushing it out of my consciousness. Every station that we stopped at was a chance for me to purchase a ticket, but still, I decided to ignore it because I do not believe in the odds. A few stations later, two women and a man dressed in thick coats with a arm banner that said: ticket officer, had appeared a few feet in front of me. I could not believe it. I was going to get ticketed. I thought about running, but at that moment I was at peace. I accepted m my reality.

I sat there quietly and waited. When they approached me, I told the truth; I do not have a ticket, I said. I tried to buy one, but the machine was broken. The officer did not really care and proceeded to write me a fine.

Well, now I have something to remember Budapest by. A receipt of a tram ticket.

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