My journey towards Certified Kubernetes Administration (CKA) ….

Continuing my kubernetes journey I cleared CKA certification. This exam experience reflected kubernetes exams are always challenging but interesting. I had previous experience of CKAD certification that gave good exposure on k8’s resources.

Here are list of things i did for my exam preparation




Exam Tips

  • Setup your vim editor with echo “set nu ic et ts=2” >> ~/.vimrc.
  • Set alias for kubectl as alias k="kubectl"
  • Set alias for namespace setting alias kns="kubectl config set-context --current --namespace "and use kns ckadfor setting namespace.
  • Save your yaml files in exam as 1-deploy.yaml , 1-svc.yaml. This will help in applying and deleting the resources quickly with reference to question and to revisit it later.
  • If there is no namespace specified in question then it’s default namespace. Make sure your namespace is set for every question.

Kubernetes is the future, Linux is Awesome