Redesigning the omnibox

In honor of Chrome’s 10th birthday in September 2018, we launched a complete redesign of our UI which involved an overhaul of our design process. And while Chrome has always been open source, I wanted to share more of our design stories in the hopes that others can learn from it.

1. Meet our box

I often get questions like “Why does Chrome need a designer?” My colleague, Sebastien, described it beautifully in his Medium post when he said,

Buried deep within that question was an assumption that browsers were supposed to look like this:

Workaround for creating & sharing color palettes

As far as I know, there’s no way to share native Sketch 3 color palettes yet, so here’s is a quick workaround using the native Mac OS color picker in Sketch 3 (which is searchable and arguably easier to use).



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