The interested challenge

What did I learn from the book (How to win friends and influence people- Dale Carnegie)?

The book gave a valuable insight into being friendlier towards people so that people do not feel intimidated in your presence. Here’s the crux:

1. Be ready to listen to people.

2. Show that you are interested in them

3. Show them that their lives mean something to you, that you want to hear about how was their day.

4. Reduce talking about yourself all the times. Focus on the other person.

5. This empathy towards people helps you making new friends, sincere one.

6. It wins you friends who trust you with their lives and problems.

7. It shows us that the only solution to problems is to “give the dose of love” and if it does not work, “increase the dose.”

A few thoughts worth sharing

What did I learn by applying these things in real life?

Well, I have always been an introvert person. That was even okay if I had a job where I would sit in my cabin, working on my computers or ledgers all day long, without talking to anybody. But I chose an entirely different field. Trainings.. Whoa! Job description is to talk, talk and talk. Communicate with people. Reach out to people. Listen to other people. Empathize with them, so on and so forth.

I talked to myself, and told myself that I needed to change. What do I want to change? My attitude or my field? The answer was, “Well, let’s give the former one a try. I am sure you can do it.” So, I started taking small steps towards transforming my behavior around people, overcoming my social anxiety, overcoming the restlessness in reaching out to strangers and gradually I transformed myself into an ambivert person. Still quiet whenever I would a relaxing corner and would curl up with a book but it was a huge success from being totally introvert.

So, in this “Interested Challenge”, I reached out to a lot of people I know, including family, friends, colleagues, students, acquaintances and peers. Not disclosing anything about the challenge, I talked to them, focusing on how were they doing in their lives and honestly I have been doing this for like always and it wasn’t so new to them and most of them almost always consulted me for an opinion or a piece of advice. So, once again it was great to know about them. To let them know that I care for them and whatever problems they are facing right now. Some of them even got back to me in the same last week, with the feedback they have already started diffusing the problems with we discussed in that conversation and that it is really helping them. It is ultimately making me an interesting personality, and I think its great.

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