I am going to write my first blog about self learning. i have read a chapter of autobiography of Abdul Sattar Edhi. While reading chapter 2, I found very interesting lesson. He said that “ I hated failure and knew the success was synonymous of effort, by which rule I believe I win” this also the principle of amal, kam kam or kam. i have had same experience, when i was in class third, we lived in city and we moved to the village for my grandmother as she want us to live in the village. My principle and my Taya jan said that she is going to village and she will not gain any thing she will be no one. I take this as a challenge. I work hard and hard to prove them wrong and Alhamdulillah I was topper in my school and position holder in my college. Now I am graduate of Govt college university Lahore and done my M. Phil and i will be somebody on whom my parents feel proud. This all became possible with my hard work and i agree that success is synonymous of effort and hard work. It’s your efforts that make you successful in your life. If someone don’t make effort for something and think he/she can achieve it, that a wrong idea. As Allah Pak said you make effort and i will create possibilities for your success. i have learn that nothing is possible without any start and making effort to do it as without sowing seed we can’t get crop and without make effort to grow that crop we can’t get food. if seed grown and we don’t take care of it, we don’t make effort to nourish it that seed will die and we will not be able to get food. so i have learn that effort is necessary to be successful.

The goal of my just start activity was to learn English language with good and wide vocabulary. I want to learn English because English is an international language and now a days use everywhere.for example all test are being conducted in english language, many seminar held in english language and official language is also english. the challenge I had faced in past was lack of self confidence that i can’t do it by my self so i need any academy.I thought there should be some one to lift me up and say do it you have to do it. i have lack of interest in english language learning. After 2 times failure in GAT test i seriously start thinking about to learn this language and now i have started and I am doing and feeling that i was wrong that i need someone to guide me. I can do it by my self and so it very well.

I have not faced many problem while learning english language as i have set three task. task 1 was use of dictionary in my regular routine Task 2 was reading of english newspaper and english novel and third task was to use english language while speaking with friend and family. the only challenge I have faced is my own self. i am quite lazy and the second challenge i have faced was time management as it was difficult for me to give time to home and read novel as well. This experience make my vocabulary somewhat better and my next step is to continue and make efforts to improve my english language. I will help me to communicate with people in other country better as i have plan for PhD.

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