Outdoor session with #amalfamily

We had our last session of Amal fellowship at Garvaish Luxury at Faisalabad.

It was more like a get together with lots of fun and learning. I had a great time there with my teachers and family members. One thing which I enjoyed he most was the session part when each one of shared his/her experience of the fellowship and what we learnt from it.

I was amazed and happy to listen to all of my fellows among which few mentioned me for a good reason. This also gave me a chance to thank my fellows and teachers and to let them know how much positive change did this fellowship bring in me.

We all had great time there. I observed everyone happy . Few fellows had some personal issues but even then they managed to be there. It was all about the commitments, the things we value, the love and affection of the family that brought them there. The most important thing was that their tensions were half released and they were feeling relaxed in that environment with friends and family members.