Role of mentors in maximizing career growth

Who is a mentor ?

A mentor is a person who offers advice, inspiration, and a chance to network, among other things.His experiences will lead us to a more successful path without experiencing a wrong one.He/she allows you to the hope inside you. Mentors are not there to make us “happy” but are there to “guide us” to the best of their knowledge.

Mentor mentee relationship!

Like all other relationships we do have in our lives, this is another one which most of us lack in. Majority of us do not have a mentor mentee relationship because we do not know who our mentor are. We also are unaware of their importance in our lives. That how much will they be helpful in maximizing our career growth.

Who could be a mentor?

Now as you know who a mentor is, why we need them, and many more likewise questions. You must be thinking of your mentor, searching that person with whom you have such relationship. I have some general Ideas of who could be a mentor. It could be :

  1. Someone you admire
  2. Someone in your field
  3. Someone in your organization
  4. Someone who isn’t your manager
  5. It could be a peer too

My mentor of life

Mentor of my life is my sister. Her good name is Dr. Hina Jawad. She is a MBBS doctor. She has always guided me, supported me, encouraged me achieve my accomplishments. She is someone I trust blindly , that each of her suggestions would only be for my betterment and growth. She has experienced a lot of things in life regarding career, education, social interactions etc and have always helped me to choose the right track.

My mentor story

There is a list off tasks in which she has helped me reach my goals. When I had to choose my professional field, she was there to help in better understanding of what will match my personality. After once I appeared for MCAT but could not make up to it, she told me that even if qualified, it would not be the right profession for me. She being a doctor, understands how hectic life becomes and how difficult does it become to manage each and every task. For me she said lectureship would be the best choice. She made me understand that I possess skills that would give me best of their help in excelling as a lecturer. Moreover, as she knew my idleness, my health etc she said you could not perform such a hectic job as we always have provided you a comfort zone and your health would also not allow you to take so much tension and work day and night. She believed in me that I can give my best as a Consult. Still in each and every task I discuss whatever problem do I feel. She understands and helps in every task.

Humility and Courage

These two terms are very much important if you really want to get benefit from your mentor. It takes courage and humility to ask for help. That’s exactly what we do when we reach out to someone and ask for their piece of advise. Humility has to do much with the learning and career. This is because if I want to learn from some one , I have to stay humble and show respect towards that person. If I start becoming offensive to someone’s advice, for the next time he would not be interested to tell me something good and i will lose a chance of learning. Learning on daily basis will maximize our career and we learn from our surroundings , from our mentor, from the advises which we get from people. Humility helps you to stay positive and get the best out of someone’s advise.Humility helps you to have a mind set which allows you to learn from your surroundings.