Sharing Six tips for career

One of my Best friend Ameera Shafiq, She was very studious person, and she wants to study further after BBA(hon’s) without any gap. I call her and make an in-person session with her. She was really happy to see me. We start conversation, and ask for her future plans. So I guide her what I learnt from Amal.

Here is the list of six tips that was the main focus of our conversation:
1) If you want to study further, you have to find your interest by experiencing field area.
2) If you want to start your own business, then don’t go for M.phill or Ph.D.
3) At-least spend 1 year on your 1st job, it will give you more knowledge and helps you to find your interest.
4) Your passion define your career, find your work in which you are passionate.

5) Make your own decision, because situation are unique for each other. Like if, one is good for one person, but may become harmful for other. So, always be careful.
6) Remember 1 thing, don’t blame others if you put their decision in action. So, make your own decision to make your own life.
Feedback that she gave me. 
Her reaction was like blank, She just saw me what i said. Then she speak that, no one guide me like this that you do. And she also admire me and Amal team also. And She is also applying for fellowship. 
One thing that I like about her, She is really passionate to her future and I just put a fuel in her effort Just because of you guys.
Now 1st she applying for Amal fellowship and meanwhile for internship also, to find her nature and interest. 
The experience was really amazing, and it was really very healthy conversation.

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