Just a glimpse of Amal…

It is painful to have a disoriented journey ,a journey you are pursuing without a map.I also had a similar story i.e my quest to know myself.I never figured out the concept of Khudi ,what does it really mean? and If it means knowing yourself then how could one know oneself? Before i came here in Amal academy I was introduced by the concept of Khudi by a video lecture by Qasim Ali Shah.Later on,i began thinking about it.For that i isolated myself,did not participated in things i really liked i.e i lost my interest in life.There was nothing that gave me pleasure.Soon i lost interest in my studies and friends and family,got a way silent and abandoned my friends completely.It was when i couldn’t make in any of the medical colleges of Lahore and i had to get admission in a field which i wasn’t aware of and never thought of pursuing it ever. Well,i liked the way Edhi sb used to ponder while he was young i.e (What will i be? Lying on a ledge,looking at the sky,wondering at the world and why I was in it,I would think ,Why have I been sent here? To do what?”) Though i started doing it a bit later in my life but it related to a chunk of my life and experience.I would suggest that children should be made aware of this concept early in their school life period so that they could be saved from the distress our youth suffers later on in their lives.Whatever i suffered ,i don’t want any other fellows probably my juniors to suffer as a result.Things achieved timely have their own beauty and the happiness felt has no bounds.
I have always observed people in needs and how are they living under such miserable conditions.Sometimes i feel sad and sometimes i really do cry for their sufferings.So, I decided to just start and reach out to those people firstly whom i used to observe in my surroundings preferably in my university/college and help them monetarily and could feel the happiness of helping people.They could not change their life with it but at least little contribution of mine could make a little difference in their lives .I took action considering principle of Amal to accomplish my goal.I remember as a young kid when i reached to an old worker lady in my school who was a white collar person she worked really hard for her living and i felt pity for her.I tried to help her monetarily thinking that it would do her some good but when i approached her she neither accepted it but scolded me badly because she thought i was giving her a favor or i made fun of her by crushing her self-esteem.From that day on wards i got really scared and dishearted of helping someone like this.I couldn’t figure out at that time what did i do that she acted so repulsively ,maybe i couldn’t have helped her or maybe i could have helped her in some other ways.
After so many years,i attempted doing this ,this time i approached differently or maybe the time has changed.The challenges that i faced this time was that nobody was willing to give their pictures but i convinced them somehow by assuring them that it is safe and they are not to get harmed by it in anyway.I loved doing it,i felt the inner peace by reaching out to needy people this way.This has give me some confidence and i could try to reach out to other affected people in need because Poor is Poor no matter what,our small contributions can bring about a difference in their lives.In the future i will be looking forward to work or be a part of any NGO and do my part as a humanitarian.

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