Service to Humanity is Service to Divinity

At the end of soft skills development course at Amal Academy, a Mega Project is being assigned to impliment these skills. I along with Amal Circle (Group) was also being assigned a Mega Project for any Social Cause.

Amal Circle Members

Amal Circle
  1. Sana Zafar

2. Muhammad Ramzan

3. Sheraz Latif

4. Qalandar Hussain

5. Muffassar Raza

We had to implement the rules in this project like

Amal (Action)

Khudi (Self Respect & Self Recognition)

Kaam kaam (Practice)


Making plan



Raising funds

Involvement of volunteers and


Commitment etc.

For this purpose we made a plan. First of all we sreearched for the place where needy persons are available. The place we found suitable was a construction site of Orange line Metro Train.

The labor working there gets wages of Rs. 400–500 of a day per head. The lunch is also their own responsibility. After that we had to raise funds. After this task, we went for Gourmet Bakery and ordered there to make average size food packs for us. Every food pack contained a small pizza, a Chicken Haleem puff and a juice pack. We paid for it and left for the construction site.

Gourmet Food Packs for the Laborers

After reached there, we asked for permission by supervisor to take some time of his labor to distribute the food packs among them. He gently allowed us. One of the servants of the supervisor announced the matter and all the labor gathered around us.

Distribution of Food Packs to Laborers

We distributed the food among them, thanked the supervisor for his kind consideration and left away.

Why we selected this task?

There are many ways to serve humanity but how a service can be better than feeding poor mankind. It’s the most basic necessity of not only human being but for all the living things on this planet. It’s the thing for which one can do anything, I said, anything.

In this ere, a huge portion of the population is striving hard for managing the food for every single day. Under estimation, an average person has a salary of Rs. 500–600 per day in Pakistan. If we talk about a laborer, after deducting all the expenses of a day, nothing is left for a good meal but only the fulfillment of the need by the ordinary food items. So, we decided to accommodate this class.

While helping them, we saw the expressions of happiness and gratefulness. They were very excited and were praying for us for our success as we told them the reason and purpose of this activity. The prays they made, the happiness that spread over there and the feelings we experienced are priceless and unforgettable. Infact, I find no exact words to express that scene in words.


We were highly motivated by the strategy of Gourmet Company Pakistan of providing the meal and free water to its servants on daily basis. A number of people are being provided with quality food free of any cost.

Some university students also worked on the same thing in the different way. They used to gather food from different restaurants which the people left in their plates untouched and brought it away to the needy people to accommodate them for their meals. They did this just for the sake of service of humanity.

Future Plan

This was a one-time activity but we have a plan to expand it.

Pakistan is making good economic progress by making investments in huge projects e.g. Orange line, CPEC etc. In future days, Pakistan is going to become an economic corridor for many countries in international trade. Due to this advancement, Pakistan will prosper by a lot of financing such other projects. Industry will be at its boom and more and more labor will be required. We have a plan to accommodate the labor in future also. We’ll expand our scale of service and will provide them with lunch on daily basis. We’ll also approach to welfare trusts like Edhi Centers, Al-Rasheed Trust, Al-Daawa Trust, FIF, Daar-ul-Amaan, Old Homes and all the Orphanage Houses to serve them by providing one time meal a day. This will decrease the burden of the people who manage this matter either individually or as a Welfare Trust.

We also have a plan to serve the poor people of Pakistan by providing them a whole month grocery for every Holy month of Ramadan.

We’ll approach to sponsors to increase the quantity of funds so that we may get financially support.

We all group members are from different fields of Business Management like Me( Sana) and Ramzan are from Banking & Finance, Qalandar and Sheraz are from Human Resource Management and Muffassar is from Economics field. So we as a whole are a small pool of business managers and this thing will help us a lot to implement our future plan, to expand our service scale, managing the funds efficiently and managing all the matters related to personnel.

We’ll also involve volunteers like Hafiz Salman, Tooba Zia, Kiran Ameen, Tahreem Irfan, Ayesha Riaz and Tabinda Ali who joined us, made contributions and made the things easy for us to succeed in this project. We’ll invite such other persons who may come to join us and serve the humanity just for the sake of service.

Volunteer Hafuiz Salman (from rifgt, 2nd one)

At the end, we are highly thankful to Allah for His grace to serve the mankind, the Amal Academy that gave us an opportunity to work on a project like this, all the sponsors who made contributions and all the volunteers who joined and helped us.

May Allah bless us to make this dream a reality.


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