Be a Humanitarian

Mega project:

Group name: Hexa Minds

Members: Sana Zafar— Muffassar Raza — Sheraz Latif— Muhammad Ramzan-Qalandar Hussain

Social Cause: Collection of funds to help the deserving children.

As you know the situation of Pakistan, majority of people just meet their hand to mouth and are not able to fulfill their basic human needs. Abdul Sattar Edhi worked his whole life to provide the mankind with such basic needs e.g. shelter, education, health facilities. On coming Eid ul Fitr, we also have a goal to make our little contribution to bring happiness on the cute faces of school going children. We’ll make them surprised by presenting them “eidi”. This goal will enable us to share some burden of the poor parents. From collection, we’ll purchase some children accessories to distribute among the children.

We have a target of collecting Rs.15000 for them. Each member will be responsible to collect Rs.3000.

For collection purpose, our 1st target is to meet and motivate our friends to make contribution. Then we’ll grab funds from our university and after that we will go to big markets and shopping malls.

We’ll try our best to meet our target till 5th of May 2017, then we’ll shop from market and then provide the things to children by ourselves

May Allah help us in our social service .