You’ll be Welcomed

I always thought that its important to be an interesting personality but then I rode a book “How to win your friends and convince other people” authored by Mr. Dale Carnegi, really a mentor for me.

He says in his book that if you want to be welcomed everywhere, you want to build strong relationships and make true friends, you should be interested in people genuinely rathen than being interesting to others.

I thought to try this tip as I love to interact with people. I approached some people from my family, friends and teachers through phone calls. I asked normal questions just to make conversations. My conversation with them was like:


How are you?

How is your family?

Are you free now? (Whoever said yes, I proceeded the conversation).

How was the day?

What are you doing now a days?

What about weekend?

How is your study/business/work?

Will you have some time this weekend as I may visit you?

May I do something for you?

It was really nice to talk to you.

Thank you so much for your time.

Allah Haafiz


I was surprised that all the people were happy for receiving my surprised phone calls. They gave me a quality time and made me feel that I am also important for them. They responded me well and were excited to meet me on weekend. When I asked for any help that I may do for them, they were amazed.

I experienced theses great feelings of happiness when I tried and tested the tips given by Dale Carnegi and was surprised to see such amazing results. Now, I do firm believe that if you want to win the friends and convince the other people, you should be genuinely interested in people and ultimately you’ll also become an interesting personality for them. (Wooww…. :)

After this experience, I am convinced by the power of a smile and being interested. These things discovered by Dale Carnegi too late as being a muslim I have a marvellous history of Islamic Era when Rasool Allah S.A.W practiced “Husn-e-Ikhlaaq” which teaches us to be caring, to meet the people, help them, forgive them and to be concernned with the people of our society, which were the distinctive characteristics of His Excellency. All the muslims were Bhai Bhai and not even the muslims but non-muslims, animals, birds, mountains and everything in the world was bestowed upon with care, attention, protection, peace and humanity.

I realised now that how the worst enemies became the best friends of Rasool Allah (SAW), how Islam spread from Arab to the rest of the world. It was all because one of the most impressive qualities of Islam “Ikhlaaq-e-Husna”.

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