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Remote Collaboration is the new “normal”

As the COVID-19 pandemic sweeps across the globe, VMware employees are working from home as we do our part to flatten the curve. As product designers, collaboration is a critical component in delivering a meaningful user experience. We are embracing WFH as an opportunity to develop and refine remote collaboration, whether it be for ideation sessions or design reviews.

We recently piloted a Remote Design Sprint within our Project Pacific design team, using a template we discovered in the Figma Community.

Project Pacific is a newly launched feature on VMware’s vSphere 7. vSphere is VMware’s cloud computing virtualization platform. With the introduction of Project Pacific, vSphere has transformed from an infrastructure-centric to an application-centric platform by delivering Kubernetes natively in vSphere. Our customers rely on Project Pacific to run modern applications alongside their traditional virtual infrastructure. Kubernetes and Project Pacific are both complex, and IT Admins and developers will depend on the user experience to ease their onboarding and to help them get the most out of this powerful new tool. Our design sprint challenge was creating a dashboard that would help IT Admins with onboarding, supporting and managing a new Project Pacific environment.


Sanaea Kakalia

Product Design @ VMware

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