Don’t Matter

A poem on war, injustice and the numbness of poets

Sana Rose
Sana Rose
Feb 13 · 2 min read
Hiba Nisar: Image credit: Al-Jazeera

in me, poems have dried
like clay, hardened shapelessly,
brittly plastered and patted over
atrocities and blindness.

the dried mud scatters
every time blood drops,
all the aesthetic possibilities
disappear into the earth
that opens and swallows
the cry of the slain,
the whimpers of pain,
the whispers of rain.

nothing matters;
words don't, cries don't,
pellet-killed baby eyes
and severed limbs don't.

and jaded souls
spew poems
that don't matter;
why would they,
when lives don't?

© Sana Rose 2020

Poet’s note from January 2020:

Hiba Nisar, the youngest pellet-victim in Kashmir was injured in the eye. All she knew to utter were three words, 'mama’, 'biskoot' and 'eye’. And recent reports say she might lose sight in the injured eye.

Kashmir is a land of many poets who have gone silent now. Kashmir is under lock-down for more than the past half year. Over six months have passed since the internet connection in Kashmir was revoked. Unspeakable tortures and cruelty are happening in Kashmir, as rest of India has learnt from the few voices who managed to escape the lock-down. The rest of it, we do not know what is happening there.

Sana Rose is a published novelist, poet, physician, mental health professional, freelance content writer and mom.

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Sana Rose

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Sana Rose

Author, Award-Shortlisted Novelist, Poet, Physician, Psychotherapist, Artist when in distress, Blogger at The Writeous Way, Mom |

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