A Poem

Sana Rose
Sana Rose
Feb 16 · 1 min read
Photo by guille pozzi on Unsplash

“I want to fly, mom,”
said my cherub.

“Of course, you can,”
said I.

“But how?
I have no wings,”
moaned my offspring.

“But darling,
you have dreams.”

© Sana Rose

Note: A real conversation I had with my 5-year old daughter.

Sana Rose is a published novelist, poet, counseling professional and Homeopathic clinician. She was shortlisted for the ARL Literary Awards 2018 under Best Author category for her debut novel ‘Sandcastles’. She is an art enthusiast dabbling with brushes and paints when not writing. She also works as a freelance content writer. She runs the blog The Writeous Way intended to mentor aspiring writers. Sana lives in Calicut, Kerala (India) with her husband and daughter.

Sana Rose

Written by

Sana Rose

Author, Award-Shortlisted Novelist, Poet, Physician, Psychotherapist, Artist when in distress, Blogger at The Writeous Way, Mom |

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