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Hey. If it helps I understand what it is to be rejected by a parent. Yet if we wait for them to feel sorry to forgive them we’ll burn ourselves with the anger. You’re a fine woman , you do not need validation from anyone.

I tried getting my parents understand their mistakes and apologise many times. But then we can’t control people. We can’t fight and blame or suffer in the hope that we will get that apology or the love we’re fighting for.

It’s ok if it doesn’t matter to her today.

I realised we can only live our path. And yes, screen out all negativity from our lives irrepective of where it comes from.

I read books like ‘You can heal your life’ by Louise hay etc and I daresay it gives me new perspectives in life.

I’m sorry if it remotely sounded preachy, just wanted to share my experience since I understand the burden of rejection and the anger that accompanies it and am myself on the path of living a more fulfilling life

God bless ☺

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