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Bringing the Sana technology to Sweden with NE

We are excited to announce our partnership with Nationalencyklopedin. In partnering with NE, we are combining their world-class content with our state-of-the-art technology to make education personalized for over 1.1 million students in 75% of Swedish schools. The new partnership will bring us both closer to our vision of what truly personalized education looks like.

“Teachers will prepare students for the future and they deserve the best tools. Therefore, we created digital teaching materials that are easy to use and that grow with the challenge. With NE’s new mathematics materials, we now take the next big step where we combine proven knowledge and education with new smart technology for a student-oriented experience and a better result”, says Hubert Kjellberg, CEO of NE.

Starting with mathematics, smart teaching materials will be launched before the Autumn term: tools which personalize education based on students’ strengths and weaknesses, analyze their learning, and customize the content in real time. With the Sana technology, NE is enabling students to reach further than ever before.

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