Digital Education Leader Digilär Chooses Sana Labs to Personalize Learning

We are excited to announce our partnership with Digilär, a company offering digital learning solutions to over 100,000 students and teachers in Scandinavia. Digilär, part of the reputed publishing house Natur & Kultur, was the first educator in Sweden to provide entirely digital learning solutions in both mathematics, languages, social and natural sciences for pupils aged 10 to 19. Integrating the Sana technology will enable teachers to find every student’s unique and optimal learning path.

“Starting to work with AI is a very important step for us in relation to our objective. When we equip ourselves with AI we further facilitate the teacher in personalizing education, so that the teacher can spend time on what’s important and what he or she is the very best at; teaching. The role of the teacher has never been more important than now” says Linda Ahrgren, CEO at Digilär.

And we could not agree more; empowering students to reach their full potential with the help of AI is an objective Sana Labs is working towards every day. Partnering with Digilär moves us one step closer to this, and we are thrilled work with one of the pioneers in digital education to improve learning outcomes in Scandinavia at an even larger scale.

If you want to learn more about the partnership or are curious of how to integrate the Sana technology into your learning products, please reach out to