Shaping the future of engineering education with Academy

We are excited to announce our partnership with Academy. In partnering with Academy, we have set out to help them achieve their mission of educating thousands of engineers through coding bootcamps. Business Wire estimates that technological advancement across all sectors of the economy will be hindered by an acute global labor shortage of 4.3 million workers in the IT (TMT) sector by 2030; we are positive that Academy will play a major role in addressing this over the coming years.

“Our courses are three months in duration and maintain a high pace throughout; they are very demanding of participants and teachers alike. The cooperation with Sana Labs is a great opportunity, allowing us to leverage the company’s leading AI-technology to enhance the learning experience. Thanks to Sana Labs AI-platform, our teachers can harness the vast amount of student-generated data to tailor education to the background, ability and development of each participant”, says Micael Holmström, CEO of Academy Group.

Sana’s analytics will provide educators with invaluable insights into student learning. Using Sana, teachers can use data from online modules and assessments to predict issues that might arise before they happen, identify improvement potential, and make data-driven decisions by differentiating instruction and making timely interventions. This partnership marks yet another key step in realizing our vision of empowering students and educators on a global scale.