Happiness lies in positive thinking……………

Positive thinking is like a seed that grows with each step. We need to take care of this seed during its growth.

The secret of happiness lies in positive thinking. If you can’t think positive you let down your chance of being happy.

I want to share my experience when I was really stressed it is because of my work that I forget to done before deadline. I need some arrested document for my admission but I forget to get them attested.

I was really stressed then what works is positive thinking I just think positive that I need to write an apology email and do my work.

I tried to mediate for some time to get relax for sometime to get rid of stress. I do the breathing exercise and wrote a email to admission office also get to board office to attest my documents.
The result is really positive I really feel relax. I think the happiness is not when you are constantly smiling but when your mind is relax and you didn’t feel any stress.
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