Fashion Week Paris

Fashion week in Paris is supposed to be glamorous, right?

Security guard: “Sorry Miss, you can’t get in if you’re not on the list.”

Friend: “Do YOU know who I am? I cannot believe you do not know who I am. I will not be treated like this. You shall be fired at once.” *haughtily storms off*

Seriously, do you not know who we are? My friends and I were joking about this matter yesterday because we were frustrated at how all the shows are very exclusive. Fashion week starts in New York, percolates into London, then Milan, and lastly in Paris. The Paris fashion show is supposed to be the largest of them all, but we have been largely unsuccessful in scoring ourselves a seat among the celebrities.

If you walk in Paris near the fashion shows, you may catch a celebrity. However, everyone in Paris is so stylish that you cannot tell the difference between a celebrity and a Parisian.

In light of fashion week, let me share some fashion observations I have made in France. Some of these may not be representative of ALL French people, but it is representative of all the types of people I have seen in north, central and west France. I think that is enough to let me make some judgments. So let’s get going!

First, imagine a lithe female figure with long legs and a torso, an ostensibly fashionable handbag, sunglasses, scarf, and dark clothing accessorized with some sort of fur. Then add a cigarette crossed between her slim fingers, and watch her walk with perfect poise. Congratulations! You have just pictured your first ordinary Parisian.

There is so much to admire about the French. Yes, their smoking tendencies are a turn off for me personally, but their sense of fashion makes up for it. Even the guys here look reasonable. Most men here carry some sort of messenger bag or man purse, but they work that accessory well. You will also see some guys accessorized with a scarf, and a pair of brogues and derbies.

Another thing to note about the French is that you will see so many people here with fashionable nerd glasses! I was so pleasantly surprised when I came to France, because I had purchased a new pair of nerd glasses a week prior. Many of the glasses prints are varied, which means that they can range from solid colors to plastic, leopard-designed frames. Many of the styles are also wire-trimmed style where the frame is replaced with metal instead of plastic. My marketing professor looks like he should be on the cover of GQ. His sense of fashion and nerd glasses make him look very posh, and many of my female companions have also made remarks on how attractive he is.

Besides that, you would be surprised at how “in style” the puffy jackets are. Literally everyone here has a puffy jacket with a hood. Many of the jackets (regardless of the gender it is made for) are adorned with a lining of fur. This means that you will see men strutting along the streets in puffy jackets with fur hoods. This is not as common of a sight as it is seeing a girl with a fur lining. Many times when you are walking on the street, you walk past girls that have such thick fur linings on their jacket that you cannot even see their faces when their hood is on. *insert the She Wolf song by David Guetta*

Here’s a mantra: When in doubt, wear black. Nothing can go wrong with black, I promise.

When it’s cold, all you will see are walking blobs of black clothing. The only color on the outfit would be a colorful scarf, but beyond that you would not see any color. The other colors that seem to be popular are navy blue, and a brown/tan color.

Lastly, I still cannot understand how the French make their clothes look fashionable. I firmly believe that they literally go to their closet, pick any random articles of clothing that they can grab quickly and just throw it on. Yet, they still look better than I can look on my best day.

All of the observations in France as a sharp contrast to that of America, where you will find many individuals walking around in tennis shoes, shorts, and a t-shirt. I will be honest with you, though. I really miss wearing large t-shirts and tights, adorned with a quick slip pair of tennis shoes. Although this fashion style is not nearly as presentable, I will give it many points for its sheer comfort.

Plus, when you eat a tub of ice cream, you want to be able to wear your fat pants and not get judged. So in light of fashion week, I still do have an appreciation for the American culture in all that it is. Whether it is flawed, judged, or looked at with furrowed eyebrows, I still think American culture is lovely.

Plus, atleast Americans eat real food instead of consuming cigarettes for dinner. ;)

Thank you for reading! Until next time, au revoir!