And one more day is gone!

SupportDriven Week #5 challenge

Tell us about a typical day in your life

I have different routines depending when I work from the office or when I opt to work from home. At Kayako, we have the privilege to travel, work remotely or work from home. Every month, I’ll usually choose to work from home for a week at a time — bare in mind that it takes almost 8 hours from the Kayako office in Gurgaon, to travel home. When I’m at home, I see my kids, live with them and work! My routine starts at 7:00 am until 12:00 am when I do work from home. However, it is little bit different when I live alone and work from our office.

Work from office

9:00am — wakey-wakey!

Time to leave the bed and play some loud music. Spend 20–30 mins on checking social channels, Slack messages, and emails.

10:30am — get set go!

Get ready for the office, have some nuts and cookies, book a cab and go!

11:00am — get in the office!

Let’s start with replying to the emails, open the queue, and start helping the customers. Take a follow-up with the engineering team on pending tasks, and see what I can help push forward. How can I forget, asking for a butter sandwich and a cup of tea from “Mr. Litin” — our caretaker!

Check the to-do list and go for it, clear the Inbox. Prepare the to-do list of remote sessions or calls to be done. Check Sales and New business queue if anything is required to be done or updated. I am being part of different projects we handle in Support. I prepare a list of all those tasks plus the follow-ups.

2:00pm Lunch time!

Hungry I am, and need a spicy food to give me some energy. Time to take a break, go to the pantry and have some delicious food.

3:00pm back on the floor

Let’s make the scheduled calls, take some remote sessions, help team members, present a product demonstration (if any are booked), help Sales team with technical calls — and the list goes on!

Check a few blog posts, and social channels, clear the Inbox (by this time, have UK customers on email). Help engineering team to test new improvements and with a few bug fixes.

Thursdays come up with little change in routine, to present our live product demonstration webinars that happen during the morning and evening time GMT!

6:00pm-8:00pm — peak hours!

Need more focus and quick responses to customer queries. Sometimes, I’ll need to hop on live chats to help my team. Schedule calls for other days and add them to the calendar. By 8:00pm, we have our Kayako Knight team with us to cover the night shift. I am nearly always the last person from day support team to leave the office at the end. I finish up by sharing tips and takeaways from the day with them, adding some items to their to-do list, and sharing updates on new or pending cases.

Before leaving for home, I always have a look at social channels. Update them whenever required, read new posts shared, re-tweet some of the items. Listen to my favourite tracks (it goes on entire day but before leaving, I listen to the magical one).

8:45pm leave for home!

All the downloading done to Knights, and updates sent to my customers; book a cab and leave for home.

9:30pm freshness with café au lait!

10:00pm Time for Television!

I usually follow some of the daily series on television, so 10–11:30pm is booked for my favorite shows. If I don’t follow it, I switch to music to relax. I am not the kind of person who follows dinner regularly. This is the time to catch up with friends, family — make calls or spend some time Whatsapping and discussing my day!

11:30pm Time for I, me, myself!

Strange it is, isn’t it? But true! This last part of the day belongs to me. I do what I love to do in my free time! Like writing this post, thinking about what should I do to grow, making some plans for vacation, narrowing down all problems, and finding a solution.

1:00am Good night!