Borders and Labels are optional

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Share your current view — could be your desk, view out your window or favorite scene.

I have already shared about my desk here and there’s a slight change in it. I have switched from Windows to Mac! #superexcited

Somewhere I read about, “Boundaries are optional” — I completely agree with it! You don’t need to work within office boundaries to be productive. Kayako gives us the privilege to work from anywhere in the world!

Recently I planned vacations with my family to visit my favorite place — my hometown in the hills! I took leaves for 3 days and for another 2 days I opted work from home. And this is where I worked from:

I just love my hometown!

This was our hotel lobby from where I did WFH — oh yes, it’s the Naini lake at the front!

We all have internet key with us (thanks to Kayako again) which works at all the remote areas without any disruption. We don’t really need to search the hotels with good wi-fi connection. We have everything intact in our bags. It was an amazing experience!

Many a times, I opt for WFH. How does it look like?

OMG, he is so cute!

My laptop, my teddy and if you see at right corner, my Mother’s Day card!

But things do not end here. I want to explore and wish to work from a place which is sketched here:

Beyond boundaries and limits!

Last but not the least, our office! Of course, we can work from anywhere, and do wonders, without any restrictions. However, meeting your teammates personally, discussing stuff with engineers on the floor, having unlimited fun n chit-chat, lunching n munching, all happens in the Office!

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