Feedback — the reaction for improvement

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“We all need people who will give us feedback. That’s how we improve.” — Bill Gates

This is so correct!

I always believe in getting feedback on how am I doing. This not only helps me to improve but also motivates me for my accomplishments. Although self-assessment is important but to know what others think about your way of working is equally significant. It allows us to understand different approaches to handle identical situations.

While receiving feedback from our seniors, it comes like-

One: No doubt the approach you took was good, but if you have added this extra flavour, it would have been wonderful. — Noted!

Another one: You handled this situation following this approach but if I would be at your place, I would have handled it in another way. — Interesting!

This makes me learn distinctive ways to tackle same scenario. Tada!

Following same approach within the team — This is what we follow in our Support team while handling complex queries. We do not just bombard our feedback to our teammates, but discuss different approaches to handle the customer. And after discussion, we pick up the best one!

Flip the coin

It’s not necessary that feedback given would always be a decent one. It could be vice-versa, depending on another person view point. But then I ensure that I always look at the feedback with a growth mindset instead of a fixed mindset. (no negative thoughts to kill this person :D)

There’s a possibility that my work/approach impacts entire process. So, I need to understand where this feedback is coming from. That’s the important point while accepting the feedback. Once I am clear on — what is it all about, where do I need to bring the improvements, I am all set! (I do ask for suggestions for refining the things and read blogs)

I am sure when we know How and Why and What about the feedback shared with us, it won’t be a difficult situation to handle it and extract the positivity. Such kind of feedback helps us to overcome our challenges and bloom like a flower! (oh that makes me remember this quote)

“Bloom as if you want to make the whole world beautiful.” :)

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