This post goes for Support Driven writing challenge.

“What mediums does your team do support through?”

Customers’ expectations have increased over the last few years. They want the same level of support over the channels they prefer.

Customers want your support to be reachable via all platforms, whether it’s email, live chat, self-service, or social channel. I understand it put strains on support teams, but this is what customers expect — even as a customer, we expect the same. Whenever I come across any issue with Uber, I always prefer to tweet them and resolve the problem. As customers, we are always looking for effortless experiences and easy transactions.

When I started at Kayako, we only used to support our customers via email and live chat. However, over time, we also started offering scheduled phone calls for some of customers, if they were too sweet or sour to handle over email.

Our Stack

Kayako — the best customer service platform. allowing us to provide outstanding support to our customers. It helps us to know who our customers are; what they are trying to achieve, and then means we can provide the right support at the right time! (I am not just praising it because I work here: it really does help us in this particular manner!).

Channels we use to build relationship with our customers:

Email — The most convenient way to interact with our customers. You have all the to-ing and fro-ing conversations saved in one place. If someone else wants to have a look at it, they can do it easily.

Live chat — Offers you to provide real time support to your customers. You can connect with your customers and understand their problem while having a quick chit-chat with them. A quick way to resolve the problems reported to you.

Self service — Allows our customers to help themselves by looking around what exactly they need. Help them to understand the functionalities and also, to teach them ‘How to’ stuff.

Social channels (Twitter/Facebook) — The famous channels used by almost everyone in entire world. Brings us close to our customers to understand them and talk to them publicly.

Remote support — Gives the feeling of onsite support! Helps to diagnose the problems which are sometimes tough to trace. Also, our customers feel secure that someone is performing the steps in front of them, and they can learn as well.

Calls to some extent — Express your tone and resolve the problems in a few minutes. Be familiar with our customers in a quick way and help them understand the logistics involved.

For escalations, I usually prefer to opt a call or remote session with our customer. It helps me to listen to them and figure out what would be the best way to manage them.

While talking about channels to support our external customers, how can I forget about Slack!. Slack helps us to bring entire Kayako Team (working remotely) under one roof. Helping everyone, sharing the ideas, and bringing the world together!

I have also shared a list of tools helping our support team on daily basis to provide best of support: The top 14 tools for running a successful support team!

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Vice President, Operations @unifyed, X - @Kayako Fanatic about #customerhappiness.#custexp #support dedicate weekends to #family

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