“Thinking Space” — what do you do and where do you go, to sort through thoughts

Support Challenge #3

Thinking Space: Describe your “Thinking Space” — what do you do, or where do you go, when you need to sort through thoughts (maybe go on a walk, listen to music, or take a hot bath) (could use creative writing here to literally describe (sights, sounds, etc))

The place where you have all your thoughts going on and fighting with you is… your brain! Technically, it’s correct. But sometimes you choose different places to think differently. This is what happens with me.

If I am at home, and a little bit upset or have loads of thoughts going around and around in my mind, I prefer to be in my kitchen, cooking something nice. It gives me a kick and helps me to analyse all the stuff I’m thinking about, and calm myself down. If I am in the office, I prefer to be in our boardroom, a huge room with nice interiors and peace all around.

These places only work for me when I want to be alone and ignore other thoughts coming up, positive or negative. When trying to form opinion among my own thoughts, MUSIC helps me a lot. I need it to help me think more clearly and organize my thoughts.

The next thinking space comes with my friends. I always talk, talk and talk with them — probably too much! They give me the strength to think positively, share their ideas and views on whatever is going on in my mind, and force me to think about the views from different aspects. They are really too nice to me. I need them all of the time. :)

Having said that, these are my thinking spaces, but not necessarily where I formalize decisions. You won’t believe it but to decide something major, I need my BED. Shocked? It’s true!

When I go to bed, I feel more creative at night. Maybe because by that time I can absorb all the things that have happened through the entire day. This is the time when everything flows from my ROM to RAM or vice-versa, and generates the ideas. This is the time when I throw all the ideas to my brain’s wall and then see what sticks. By collating all of the ideas and thoughts from whatever has happened in the day, I can thread them together and start to process it all and decide on the next steps — whether that’s something like writing a post, sharing the ideas, taking a decision, sending an important email, and so on. To remember my decisions, I always keep my phone with me and send myself a quick email. When I check my personal Sent emails, I find all of them are to myself as well as from. :D

I would say my thinking space is within ME only!