// Accept my heartiest gratitude // For helping me learn // The mother of all life lessons //

If you, you, you, you, you, too, and you, as well, all of you, ||| If you deserted me, left me hanging, high and dry, In my most trying of times, In my most critical hour, minute, and moments of need, the sickest of my most ill times, ||| Your desertion, your heartless, headless un-reasoned abandonment Says tremendously much more about you, than it will ever say about me. ||| Thusly, please permit me to spit forth the truest of truths, that the entire conglomerate of you have taught me, ever-so-unkindly: ||| I will rebound. In fact, I am rebounding. You will be left stunned and speechless, my former loves, my confidantes, my blood. ||| No matter what, I emerge, the former victim/sufferer/patient as victorious. Victory is mine. Mine. Mine. Mine. You made your bed of thorns. Now sleep in it.

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