banished to the periphery since time, some colours, traditionally marginalized by individuals of another colour, who in efforts to maintain their hegemony carry out callous mis-actions, to protect their own colour, also colours yet to be born, at the expense of colours deemed inferior.

the creamed-coloured majority with pink undertones, in quests to justify the mis-usage of colour, devises theories and theorems, embedding ideas so vile, into psyches — a practice prevalent since time began.

the otherized colour, along with the other other, lesser marginalized colours, present in the moment, upon being awakened, wish to restructure colour palettes, colour graphs, even the mother or all colours, the colour wheel itself —

actions committed to realign the dominant theories and theorems, nay, the dynamics of crimes committed in the name of colour, as the colour wrongly paints the other colour as vile and repulsive criminals.

realizing what colours should indeed realize, in their most primal selves, that all colours are equal, each one possessing its own pizazz, if you may. the supposed coloured colour deemed criminal by the hegemonic colour is waking up, is awakening, is awakened, is woke, you motherfuckers.

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