In my solitude, I would learn to discover, fortitude:

Observations conducted by:

Sana Ahmed

Today, at 6:44 am, on the spheres of the Pacific shores of the new world, though not so new any longer, rose a sun again, like it has since time, and still will till it nears its own death.

With its rising, rays so bright, I, too, rose, despite the initial hurt, perpetuated by virtue and goodness, by slings and arrows, by conscious and unconscious deprivation of basic human tenets -sleep and peace, that at first, my eyes so sorry, could not muster the strength to face.

Most important of all, ultimately, those very eyes fought back, hard, to acclimatize and re-orient to what seemed like hurt manifested, what in truth was, life itself giving back sustenance, that, this time around, the self had at last re-grasped, in order to sustain itself from the constant cycle born in the ashes of despair, and like the Phoenix, buoyed by the sun, I, too, rose, once again, and looked death in the eye, to replace with it light, love, and life.

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