By: Sana Ahmed

I was never fat. Humans, supposed family, friends, and society-at-large, labelled me, fat. You see, my cheeks were healthily chubby.

This first assault, was followed by a second, much worser onslaught. Professional, medically medicating humans, in whose negligent care, I went from fat, fatter, to fattest.

Nay, from worse, worser, to the most worse form of worse itself. Far worse, than this verse alone, can theorize, extrapolate, or articulate.

I was either deemed fat. Or, made to feel like a foul piece of fowl. Bird, bread and even butter. As good as dead, I already was.

Ready to be ravenously gorged. Subsequently, discarded. Or, expunged.

And, that, pretty ladies, and gentle gentlemen, is how I view most humans. Cruel humans. Who in jest, with strange forms of love and reason, justify such cruel misbehaving behaviours.

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