The White Villain of the White House

You preside in that sizeable-looking leather chair, 
over in that house of yours, that you call white,
signing decrees, orders, cheques, credit card bills — maybe?

As you preside in that house of yours that is indeed white, yes,
with your children, your family, your extended family, 
the families of their families, and so on and so forth,
all of whom are converts to:
new money, new political power, new intrigues.

But you still preside over in that house of yours that’s white — 
as the entire world, your own fellow country men and women, 
snicker at you, protest against you, mock you, 
your buffoonery, your charmless wit, your inarticulate speech patterns.

But you go on.
On and on, 
building your crooked new evil empire.