Trump, you’re adversely affecting my mental health, and no, I don’t want to go “home”

I am very upset. Because I know this is just the beginning. This is the height of racism by the xenophobic, white nationalists who have streaks of neo-Nazism, who now run this country. Incompetent racist buffoons. This is wrong beyond belief. It’s wrong because as a result of his actions, with a stroke of a pen, he’s re-written history not in a grand, substantial way; rather, in the most horrid of ways. I feel insulted at the depth of hate and race plays into this. When and when did America become so ignorant, so insular, watching only Fox News, I suppose will that.

But, I’ve become anxious because of what I feel will happen when I travel back into America. I’ve been spared for now, because of my Canadian citizenship. But I am weary because I have brown skin, a Muslim name, and my birthplace is Karachi, Pakistan. How do I know Pakistan won’t get added to the holy list, ordained by the orange great one. And this talk of a Muslim registry, and mandatory tests to prove your allegiance to Islam, how moderate you are, and other garbage, this, too, will come true. Me being an atheist won’t help, because this man is hate incarnate — an emotionally insecure, incompetent, xenophobic scum. And anyone who espouses your beliefs is also a xenophobic, white nationalist. Resist the buffoon.