New Iphone 8 Price in Pakistan — Price and Features 2017

The new Iphone 8 is expected to be launched by Apple within 6 months from now and the Iphone fans are so excited to get their hands on a phone which is much awaited. It is also the 10th anniversary of Iphone so a huge surprise is expected from Apple for its customers.

As same as the world the Iphone fans of Pakistan are also super excited for this phone. The specs and features of the Iphone 8 are not yet confirmed yet people are showing huge interest in the new Iphone 8 features because it will be a revolutionary gadget without any doubt.

Iphone 8

There are rumors that Apple is going to change and improve every single feature of the Iphone from design to performance to make it more enticing and appealing. Since the Samsung Galaxy s8 price was already confirmed in Pakistan, Apple fans are also expecting the release date and specifications of the new Iphone 8 to be released in near future.

The Iphone 8 release date is not yet confirmed and it is expected that the phone will be launched worldwide in at the start of September and will be available from the mid September 2017. The reason why it is expected to be launched in September, is because Apple has been launching its phones in September every year since the launch of Iphone 5. Not only that, but the regular Apple fans expect the new iphone every next September so if Apple doesn’t launches the new Iphone 8 in September this year, it will be nothing but disappointment for its fans.

Iphone 8 Display

According to the latest leaks and rumors, the new Iphone 8 will have the following display features:

· Curved AMOLED Display
 5.8 Inch edge-to-edge Screen
 No home button

Most expectedly Apple is going to change the screen size and shape of the new Iphone to make it look more enticing and more stylish. The display will be changed to AMOLED curved display instead of the flat one.

Iphone 8 Design

Even when the Aluminum back of the iphone 7 was greatly loved by the Apple fans, it is expected to be converted into glass back for the Iphone 8. The aluminum back of the Iphone 7 was pretty strong and it also made it look more stylish and solid. However, we don’t know much about the curved glass back feature so it is better to wait instead of counting it as a negative feature.

Iphone 8 Camera

The new Iphone 8 is expected to have dual 3D cameras instead of normal ones. The camera result will also have the augmented reality features which will be a latest spec worth waiting. The Iphone cameras have proved to be exception than its competitors since day one and we can surely say that Apple is going to make a high impact again with the Iphone 8 cameras.

Iphone 8 Battery

The new Iphone 8 will have a wide range of fantastic features and it will surely need a supporting battery life to run them. The new Iphone 8 is expected to have wireless charging feature with a USB-C in place of lightning. When it comes to a big smartphone manufacturer like Apple, the battery life is a highly noticed and required feature to be in there. Obviously having a lot of extra-ordinary features and brilliant performance is no use when the battery of your phone can not withstand your requirements.

Iphone 8 Price

As of now, the Iphone 8 price in Pakistan is not yet confirmed or leaked. There are rumors that the phone is going to be released at the beginning of September so it is more likely to be announced there by whether the phone’s cost will be high or low compared to its previous phones.

According to rumors and estimates, the iphone 8 price in Pakistan will be around 1 Lac. However, we are not sure about it because as it is going to be the 10th anniversary edition, Apple may surprise us by keeping the price comparatively low or may have to spend more to buy it than we are expecting.

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