One year ago today, over a hundred kids were shot dead in an attack on Army Public School, Peshawar. The past year has witnessed lots of bravado from the state. The national action plan, the end to the moratorium on death penalty and broad legal powers to law enforcement agencies.

But nothing has brought us anywhere near justice. None of this has made us or our children any safer. Our schools now deploy sandbags, checkpoints and snipers. Yet, on this day the state chooses to reflect on one of our biggest tragedies by distributing medals to the parents who have lost their children.

It’s insane, inhumane and pathetic that the state has chosen to turn one of its greatest failure into a victory. Awarding our dead children if they were soldiers who died in the line of fire. Except that they weren’t, no child should ever be made to feel that way, no sane society should expect this from it children. The military industrial complex mustn’t engulf our children’s future, it shouldn’t minimize them as pawns in this war and most of all it shouldn’t glamorise their deaths so they become a more legitimate target. There’s nothing honorable about the sight of children shoved in a corner, with their heads in their hands trying desperately to escape the madness. It’s an unspeakable tragedy.

The parents who have lost their children in peshawar or waziristan need justice. They need to know that the future of our children from here on will be a lot safer. That nothing like this will ever happen again. Until the state can truly ensure that, it should stick to being silent for that’s better than politicizing the dead.