Benefits and Job Prospects of Digital Marketing

Over the time, organizations and companies have realized the importance and impact of digital marketing. The fact that world internet population has increased tenfold from 1999 to 2013, the businesses are leveraging the growing digital market to boost their revenues, increase lead generation and elevate their position in the marketplace.

Digital marketing is an emerging field which is fast gaining the attention of businesses across the world irrespective of the size and type. Now what exactly is digital marketing? Well, in simplistic terms, it is the promotion of products and services via one or more electronic channels. Digital marketing is also termed as online marketing or internet marketing. Different electronic channels used in it include computers, laptops, smart phones, cellphones and tablets.

What are the benefits of digital marketing for your business?

Digital marketing can be broadly classified into 3 domains which are search engine optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing (SMM) and Email Marketing. It is imperative to note that online advertising can add immediate value to the customer and business. Let us take a brief note on some of the benefits linked with it-


Your business can effectively build and enhance market identity at much lower cost in comparison to other marketing methods. The strategies and techniques adopted are economical and in return you get a number of benefits.

Easy to measure

It is simple to analyze and measure whether the strategies implemented are working or not,thus enabling you to make necessary decisions and bring changes in the planning. For instance, for measuring traffic to your site or identifying the potential audience or for achieving certain goals for your website or blog, you can make use of the Google Analytics data, which furnishes you with vital statistics and thorough insight on developments related to your website.

Brand Awareness

People mostly run after brands, therefore it is vital to build, develop and maintain your identity in the market. Your brand value would help you to tap the new and existing markets and eventually thrive on lead generation opportunities.

Greater client appeal and engagement

Your business objectives with digital marketing get another direction, which means, your prospects and client acquisition chances get enlarged. Online advertising enhances your online reputation which encourages your potential clients to collaborate with you for different products and services.

Digital Marketing Jobs

This industry is growing at an enormous rate and is expected to soar further in the coming years. Moreover, it has created a plenty of job opportunities in distinct field. As per the news published in one of the leading newspapers, digital marketing would create a whopping 1.5 lakh jobs within a couple of years as more companies look ahead for the internet and social media platforms to bolster business.

The rising demand is stirred by the use of internet and mobile phones along with growing e-commerce business. Marketing jobs can be find in every region of the country. For instance, marketing jobs in Chandigarh are available in large numbers, just apply as much as you can in order to get calls from various companies. Bangalore and Delhi have always been under the radar of job-seekers.The city of dreams, Mumbai is a bliss for marketing graduates and same goes for Hyderabad. Since this field demands fresh ideas and high level creativity, the industry is embracing fresh graduates from all walks of life. You do not require marketing degree specifically to qualify for the distinct job opportunities. You may be working as an internet marketing strategist, market research consultant, social media manager, seo/sem specialist and so on.

To sum it up, with business world all set to harness the power of the internet, the scope of digital marketing jobs seems extremely ripe and bright.

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