Defining the Role of Business Analysts in Startups

Today, business analyst’s jobs are the most profitable careers around. As more and more companies realizing the worth and need of business analyst in their organizations, these positions are selling like hot cakes in the market.

It is worth mentioning that there are generalized BA’s and specialized BA’s. Most analysts are specialized and there area of expertise depends on the type of project, organization, skills, tools, etc.

Business analyst find job opportunities in almost all the major industries. Depending on the type of organization, an analyst is expected to perform a variety of activities as and when required. People in these jobs are considered critical resources in an organization and are paid handsomely. Of late, startups are fast emerging as the preferred choice of many aspirants. Let us find out the role of a business analyst in startup.

Startups, a great idea to get started!

Startup is the new buzz in the current economic scenario. The startup rage has gripped the entire nation that has resulted in generation of jobs across various levels and skills. As per the recent survey, it was revealed that more number of people are interested in working with startups as compared to the established organizations. Let us put some spotlight on the role of a business analyst in startups.

Customer Acquisition

For any organization to survive it is important to have a good customer base. A business analyst working with startups can chart out strategies and ways to break into the market. They can help in defining the target market and how to tailor the services of the business to meet the consumer demands.

Rising amidst the heavy competition

The cut throat competition in the present age business environment poses a big threat to the startups. Business analyst can help the startups with a comprehensive study of the market in which the business operates and identifying a cutting edge service or angle that a startup can enforce.

What to expect from startups?

Working in a startup might require you to fit in other job roles as well. You may have to work in positions like project manager, product manager, tester, etc. If you wish to start off with startups, there are so many business analyst jobs in Pune, Delhi and Mumbai, and other major cities. These regions are emerging as the startup hubs and therefore there are plenteous job opportunities in these cities.

The top tools of a BA

BA is a growing field and there are many sophisticated tools present in the market which cater to the needs of the organization. There are different types of tools ranging from simple statistical tools in spreadsheet (ex-MS Excel) to statistical software packages (ex-KXEN, Statistica) to complex business intelligence suites such as SAS, Oracle, SAP, IBM among the big names.

Below is the list of top tools used by the business analysts, take a look-

· Diagramming Purposes: Microsoft Visio

· Word Processing: Microsoft Word

· Data Analysis: Microsoft Excel

· Wireframing: Balsamiq

· Requirements Management: Rational Requisite Pro


Startups are a great way to start off a career in business analysts as you get to develop and learn many new skills and processes. People in this field are generally considered to be more satisfied with their work and performances. It is a growing industry and worthy of serious considerations.

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