Growing Prospects of Android Jobs in India

Android application development has emerged out to be one of the highest paying jobs in the information technology sector. The IT occupation with the highest projected growth through 2020 is the android jobs. So what is the reason behind the surging demand of android application developers? Let us take a closer look on the factors fueling android jobs in India.

The mobile smartphone market is growing at breakneck speeds. The tablets and smartphones have changed the way people communicate, access news and entertainment; the demand of interactive mobile applications will continue to rise as mobile devices become more adept. The swelling prominence of mobile applications is creating a multitude of opportunities for both corporate and freelance mobile application developers. Out of all the mobile operating systems, the OS that is emerging out as the market leader in terms of revenue and popularity is the Android operating system. Furthermore, as brands are galloping ahead at quick speed to build their apps on the Android operating system, the craze has opened multiple career avenues in the android domain. According to one of the IT job sites, the job openings for android developers surged by 50 percent in early 2012.

Here are some benefits of developing applications in android-

  • Greater multimedia support
  • Heightened visibility and accessibility
  • Increased exposure across various mobile devices

So what skills you require for android jobs?

The heart and soul of android applications is the java programming language. Those looking for android jobs must have the basic knowledge of Java, HTML, XML, developing environment (Eclipse, Android SDK) and other related technical skills. Android professionals with extensive knowledge of object oriented programming and user interface will have an edge over their competitors. Moreover, the spurt in growth of android jobs has led to the rise in a number of training institutes providing android certification courses.

These institutes definitely help aspirants to deal with the requirements of the job market. Individuals seeking android jobs should be able to handle multiple languages, think from consumer’s perspective and bring in new ideas and have skills such as rapid prototyping and design requirements.

Abundant opportunities for Android professionals in India

Android jobs in India are available across all regions. Usage of android is not only limited to the mobile application development, but its has vast scope in hardware solutions like android customization or optimization, device drivers, etc. Android jobs in Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, and in other major Indian cities can be found in abundance.

Where to look for android jobs?

With the advent of internet and technology, job search has become much more easy and convenient. On internet, you can find various online job portals and employment sites which have the job listings of different companies. All you need to do is sign up on these job boards, make your profile and apply for the jobs as per your preferences.

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