India Skills Report 2015:Engineering jobs poised for huge growth

Engineering jobs are always known to offer handsome salary packages. It does not matter to which stream you belong to. Whether you are an electrical engineer or environmental engineer, you will enjoy better pay and position as compared to other career domains.

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Although jobs in this domain are spread across all geographical regions, but one Indian city that is known to be ‘engineer’s paradise’ is undoubtedly our very own Silicon Valley, Bangalore. The city is home to hordes of domestic and foreign IT multinationals. Other Indian cities which are giving tough competition in terms of engineering job opportunities include Hyderabad, Delhi NCR, and Chennai.

As per the India Skills Report 2015, jobs in the core engineering sector-oil, power, mineral, will be in great supply. As anticipated that govt will unveil a series of major reforms in the area of mining of natural resources, power and finance, companies operating in the core engineering sector along with retail, hospitality, IT and BFSI will be the front runners in creating employment opportunities.

Some of the major findings in the report related to engineering jobs are listed below-

· In domain specific hiring for 2015–16, engineers were found to the winners with 28.9 percent (increased from last year) followed by degree holders 23.1 %, management 22.4 %, and diploma 11.4%, ITI 7.37% and finally vocational graduates 6.87%.

· In terms of domain specific employability, the maximum number of employable skills was found to be from Pharma domain followed by engineering which has grown from the previous year.

Now, the percentage of engineers in overall hiring-

· Telecom and Allied-88.7 percent

· Core Sector (Oil and Gas, power, steel, minerals)-59.64 percent

· Software and IT- 56.88 percent

· Other manufacturing (not including FMCG, Automotive and Engineering)-50 percent

· Engineering and automotive (auto and auto components)-46.43 percent

Most preferred state for engineering sector-

· Engineering and Automotive — Tamil Nadu

The above findings clearly show that engineering jobs in the coming years will experience a major push up from the past year. Planning a career in this sphere will be ‘safe choice’ as the trend is here to stay atleast for the next few years.

Clean energy development to fuel engineering jobs in India

In order to tackle climatic changes and rising fuel prices, the Indian govt has taken solid initiatives towards clean energy development. The country is all set to harness energy from the non conventional resources such as wind, solar, water, etc. Now, you must be wondering a how clean energy development in India is related with engineering jobs? It is related! I will tell you how. To plan, construct, install and operate solar energy production, chemical engineers would be required in huge numbers. This is just an indicative example. In the same way, there would be heavy requirement for electrical engineers, environmental engineers, mechanical engineers, etc across various levels and verticals.

To sum up, it would be good to say that engineering jobs will be available in huge numbers across various levels and industry verticals. Flaunting a right attitude and approach will help you to land in your dream job.