Testers Can Fit in These Roles As Well!

“Software testers do not make software; they only make them better”

Every software project has a main aim of create a cutting edge software product in line with the expectations of the client and end users. Software testers are currently highly prized assets in the technology world. Software tester’s role in the IT industry is getting bigger and these professionals can be seen acquiring the top positions in the IT firms. While a developer’s part is to develop various modules of the software, it is the responsibility of the tester to ensure the application under test is bug free and adheres to the quality standards.

There are majorly two types of testers, automation testers and manual testers. However, software testers have a diverse career path and can take up other roles as well after gaining relevant years of experience. Their scope of employment is just not limited to the testing job sector, given their in-depth knowledge and transferable skills-set, testers have wide range of career options to choose from and better prepared for these roles. Let us take a look on the different job roles, in which testers can try their luck-

Business Analyst

Testers tend to have a broader picture of the product and the territory in which the product falls. Thus, they know all about the ever growing business requirements, for them it is like, been there and done that. The fact that they interact more with the users, they are more familiar with their requirements and expectations. A good tester can make a very good business analyst even without an MBA degree.


Product Manager

On a daily basis, testers work with various products and so they have a deeper understanding when it comes to product development. Testers are generally customer centric and they have the capability to comprehend what customers are looking for. They understand what works for the customers and what doesn’t.

Technical Designer

Testers are familiar with the architectural design of the current system. They all together have a different approach towards any problem and tend to provide optimized solutions. Furthermore, they are thorough with their computer science concepts and business models as well.

Marketing or Sales Manager

Testers are well aware of the features of the marketing and sales segment. Testers understand the need to upgrade the existing features and adding new features. Testers know very well what the product is ‘meant for’ and have decent experience in sales pitching. With extensive product knowledge and understanding of the current market situation and also the competition, testers can make good sales or marketing managers.

Usability Specialist

Testers are thoroughly involved in ensuring the user friendliness of the product. They know that products are meant to help the users and assist them in different facets of life. Testers can make a good career in usability specialist.

Test consultant

After gaining significant years of experience and mastering the art and science of testing, testers can start their own consulting practice and make a good career as testing consultant. The advantages of career in consulting would include earning boundless income, you can be your own boss and work with different and products.

Testing Manager

A testing manager is the one who leads the team. He/she is also involved in testing, finding bugs, recommending new strategies, suggesting design changes, implementing new ways for more efficient functioning of the team.

India has a huge testing market which is growing with each passing day. There is great demand of skilled testers across all regions of the country. For example testing jobs in Hyderabad can be found in abundance as the city boast of a huge IT cluster. In similar manner, other top IT cities such as Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune are creating ample opportunities for testers. The scope of testers is not only confined to the thriving IT sector but they find employment in other fields as well.